When design and quality meet

Wenn Design und Qualität aufeinandertreffen

Extravagant design and craftsmanship perfection: The magical jewelry from Avenida Jewelry

Our pieces of jewelry are known for their timelessly extravagant design and their perfect craftsmanship. They combine extraordinary design, exquisite workmanship and an unmistakable charisma. The best example is our Circle of Passion necklace: link by link is meticulously handcrafted and processed into expressive pieces of jewelry of the highest quality.

Bauhaus principle: Simple, geometric design language for charismatic and timeless jewellery

The design of our SANTIAGO collection - following a Bauhaus principle - refers to a simple, geometric design language that appears exciting, rebellious and casual. Classic shapes are reinterpreted to create timeless looks that remain relevant over time. In this way, the design also makes its contribution to sustainability, because fashion trends come and go - but our jewelry stays!

Silver as a jewelry material: timeless and unpretentious

We love silver, one of the oldest, most beautiful and almost imperishable Jewelry metals . We rely on silver not only because of its beauty, but also because of its unpretentious appearance. However, we cannot resist the magic of gold and create jewelry for our VESPUCCI collection in a combination of sterling silver and 900 gold.

Handcrafting and refinement: The production of Avenida Jewelry

Every piece of Avenida Jewelry is elaborately handcrafted. Then, in our SANTIAGO collection, the surfaces are refined until the flawless, high-gloss and radiantly bright finish of the jewelry is achieved. Even the inside of the chain links is individually polished by hand. We are only satisfied when we are convinced that there is nothing left to improve.

The combination of extravagant design and perfect craftsmanship makes Avenida Jewelry jewelry something very special, unique and timeless. When design and quality meet, something magical is created that can be experienced at Avenida Jewelry.

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