What size do I need?

Welche Größe brauche ich?


To find the right size for your bracelet, please follow this description.

Determine the circumference of your wrist by placing a flexible tape measure around it. Compare which of our sizes is closest to your value. We will add the necessary length for you so that your bracelet fits correctly.

If you don't have a tape measure handy, you can do the same process using a piece of string, a shoelace, or a strip of paper and measure the length using a ruler.

Size Chart


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The best way to determine the right ring size is to use an existing ring that fits you well. If a size is stamped, compare which of our sizes is closest to your ring size.

If there is no size information, measure the inner diameter of your ring and use the following table to determine the appropriate avenida SANTIAGO size.

Alternatively, you can place a very thin piece of string, a piece of wool or a strip of paper tightly around the area on your finger where you want the ring to sit and measure the length with a ruler. Also compare this value with our table.


Ring size chart

Inside ø
(in mm)
(in mm)
16.0 50.2 S
16.5 51.8 S
17.0 53.4 S/M
17.5 55.0 M
18.0 56.5 M
18.5 58.1 M/L
19.0 59.7 L
19.5 61.2 L


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