The X-Clasp - An innovative and intuitive closure type

Der X-Verschluss - Ein innovativer und intuitiver Verschlusstyp

The X-clasp is a unique and innovative type of clasp used on our bracelets and necklaces. With its distinctive design, it not only attracts everyone's attention, but also proves to be extremely practical to use.

A closure that can be operated intuitively

The X-clasp is not only beautiful but also very easy to use. To open or close the bracelet or necklace, the two X-shaped notches on the ends of the jewelry must be brought at right angles to each other. Once tried, the function of the closure becomes immediately clear and it can be operated intuitively.

One-handed operation

Opening and closing a bracelet requires a little more sensitivity with each clasp than with a necklace because you only have one hand available to operate it. This is also the case with our X-clasp. But with a little practice, using it with one hand becomes child's play.

The X-clasp - practical and beautiful at the same time

The X-clasp is impressive. While many clasps only fulfill a necessary function but do not contribute to the design of a piece of jewelry, our X-clasp combines intuitive operation with a distinctive design. This makes it a practical style element with a high recognition value.

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