Our stones - a convincing combination

Unsere Steine - eine überzeugende Kombination

Choosing the right gemstones is an essential part of the design. We have chosen a convincing combination that is not only visually fascinating, but also has a positive effect on our well-being and our soul.

Fiery rock crystal (Cold Fire) - the perfect clarity

Its special, sharp-edged facet cut gives our rock crystal its fascinating brilliance and magical fire. Our rock crystal is free of other minerals and has an absolutely pure crystal structure. In its purity it is not only beautiful, but also helps to achieve clarity, strength and passion.

Black Onyx (Black Love) - powerful elegance

Our onyx has a perfect polish and a deep, rich black. It impresses with its elegant, yet powerful appearance. Onyx was already used in ancient times as a protective stone against evil spells, black magic, and as a healing stone for serious illnesses. In natural medicine it is one of the important healing stones. It promotes joy in life and supports assertiveness and self-confidence.

White moonstone (Magic Moon) - the mysterious beauty

Mystical and mysterious like the moon, our white moonstone shimmers and captivates us. Moonstone, which is considered sacred in India, promotes empathy and has a harmonizing and balancing effect. It helps to strengthen our intuitive powers and self-confidence. With its magical beauty it reliably enchants every viewer.

Origin of the stones - transparency and sustainability

To ensure the highest level of authenticity, we only use natural stones of selected quality. When sourcing our stones, we attach great importance to transparency regarding their origin, as well as compliance with ethical, social and ecological standards.

A magical combination of stones

Our stones are not only beautiful, but also have positive effects on the body and soul. By choosing gemstones such as fiery rock crystal, powerful black onyx and mysterious white moonstone, we combine aesthetics with well-being. The origin of our stones is always made transparent. Our rock crystal comes from Madagascar, the onyx from Brazil and the moonstone from Tanzania.

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