Care for jewelry, but how?

Schmuck pflegen, aber wie?

Care tips

Your jewelry was made with the greatest care from sterling silver or 18 karst gold in Germany and aims to bring you joy and convey a positive attitude to life.

Wear your jewelry!

The only way to keep your piece of jewelry in pristine condition is to not wear it. However, we would strongly advise against this. The biggest misfortune that can happen to your jewelry is to disappear unnoticed in a drawer. Let him be part of your life like a good friend. Wear it whenever you feel comfortable with it - it will thank you.

Let your jewelry become a part of you

Over time, with his inevitable signs of wear, he will tell your shared story and the longer and more intense this story lasts, the more charismatic his charisma will become - like that of a person whose adventures of his life can be seen.

Our jewelry is ready for your everyday life

Your piece of jewelry is robust enough to be worn permanently - whether at work, in your free time, on vacation, or while doing sports. Even contact with water, such as in the shower, when swimming in the pool, or in the sea, does not affect your jewelry. As well as contact with shower gel, soap, cosmetics, deodorant, body lotion, or perfume. None of this will cause lasting damage to your jewelry.

However, certain substances that can be contained in sweat as well as in personal care or cosmetic products help silver jewelry to tarnish more quickly. This is a natural reaction of silver, which combines on its surface with hydrogen sulfide, which can also be present in the air, to form silver sulfide.

Wear your jewelry

This discoloration can be easily removed by rubbing with an impregnated precious metal cleaning cloth or with a precious metal cleaning bath. By wearing your jewelry frequently, you will significantly reduce its tendency to tarnish. If you don't wear your jewelry while showering or bathing, you can clean it with soap and water every now and then. If you find it necessary, the included microfiber cloth is perfect for occasional cleaning in between.

Avoid deep scratches and dents

Although sterling silver is very durable and long-lasting, it remains a relatively soft precious metal that can become dented and deeply scratched by strong impacts and impacts with hard objects. If you want to avoid such damage that goes beyond normal signs of wear, we recommend handling your jewelry carefully. When you are not wearing it, keep it dry and tightly closed. By the way, it is particularly well protected in its original case.

There are situations in which you should definitely avoid jewelry

Never wear your jewelry if it poses a danger to yourself or others.

Do not practice any (contact) sports with your jewelry if there is a risk of it getting caught or injuring yourself.

Be sure to take off your jewelry if jewelry is not allowed to be worn for safety reasons, such as when working on machines or electrical systems.

Never go into the sauna or steam room with your jewelry, as metal heats up very strongly in this environment, which can cause burns to the skin.

You notice that our jewelry is robust enough to accompany you in your everyday life. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us !

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