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More than just a box for your jewelry

Cases are essential for jewelry to protect the valuable contents. But what makes a case really special? In this article we take a look at the cases from avenida SANTIAGO and show that even a seemingly inconspicuous detail can be something special.

Sustainability through the highest ecological standards

The cases from avenida SANTIAGO meet the highest ecological standards. The textiles used are produced in Germany from organic cotton (controlled organic farming) and do not contain any elastane, so that no microplastics end up in the environment at the end of their life. Even the woven labels are made from pure organic cotton by a German family business.

Handcrafted from the region

A small regional sewing shop takes care of putting the high-quality components together into the exclusive jewelry cases by hand. The careful workmanship and attention to detail create a case that not only protects the jewelry, but also makes an aesthetic and ecological statement.

Cases as sustainable and aesthetic statement pieces

The cases from avenida SANTIAGO prove that even a detail like a case can be something special. Thanks to the focus on sustainability and the highest ecological standards as well as careful handcraft from the region, the cases become aesthetic statement pieces that protect the jewelry and also protect the environment.

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