Authentic jewelry that touches.

Named after the Italian adventurer, sailor and explorer Amerigo Vespucci, we would like to invite you on an exciting journey with this collection. Let yourself be enchanted and experience authentic jewelry that touches you.

Each piece is designed with eye, heart and hand in the Avenida workshop in Eckental and handcrafted with attention to detail. The jewelry gets its characteristic look through processing and forging in traditional craftsmanship, with fire and goldsmith tools that are sometimes 100 years old.

Old craftsmanship, precious metals and our passion for emotional jewelry with character are the ingredients for Avenida VESPUCCI.
This creates living jewelry that has the ability to touch people.
Each of these pieces of jewellery tells a story, first its own and later - the more intensely and longer it is worn - it tells of the adventures it has experienced together with its wearer.

Finest precious metals - no compromises!

925 sterling silver and 900 gold - nothing else.
The entire VESPUCCI collection consists only of these two precious metals. No stones, no other color variations, no gold plating. Everything is solid, pure and authentic.

Why 900 gold?

When it comes to silver, the decision is easy. Sterling silver 925 is the most common and also the highest quality silver alloy used for jewelry. The situation is different with gold, where 585 or 750 alloys are more common. 900 gold, also known as coin or ducat gold, is rarely used for jewelry, so why this gold?

In addition to the beautiful, rich color, we process this high-carat gold alloy because we believe that it represents the most balanced combination of purity and durability.

Pure gold (24 carat) is very "soft" and is therefore not particularly suitable for making jewelry, especially bracelets and rings, as these are subject to high levels of stress. But just a ten percent addition of silver and copper improves the mechanical properties to such an extent that 900 gold (21.6 carat) already exceeds the hardness of sterling silver. A further reduction in purity to 750 (18 carat) or even 585 (14 carat) is therefore not necessary. This could increase the hardness again, but would also reduce the value of the gold alloy. 

Sustainable and fair

With the VESPUCCI collection, we remain true to our principle of setting the highest standards of sustainability and fairness. Every decision we make must be measured against these values.
As with the SANTIAGO collection, every step of the VESPUCCI production process is carried out under fair conditions in Germany and each piece of jewelry is made from 100% recycled precious metals.
Sustainability also includes a long service life. Avenida jewelry has all the characteristics to give you a lifetime of joy and even be passed on to future generations: the best materials, the highest quality and a timeless design.

listen to your heart

So you can embark on an adventure with Avenida VESPUCCI with a clear conscience. Let yourself be enchanted and listen to your heart, then you will find the jewelry that suits you. Choosing jewelry that touches your heart will always be the right thing to do.

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