Made in Germany - indication of origin and seal of quality

Made In Germany - Herkunftshinweis und Gütesiegel

The designation of origin "Made in Germany" has been used to identify products from Germany since 1887. Originally intended as a warning, the label has now developed into a globally recognized seal of quality.

The origins of "Made in Germany"

The designation "Made in Germany" was prescribed by the British Parliament to label inferior goods from Germany. This warning was intended to signal to English consumers that products from Germany were cheaper but of poor quality. However, with the advent of industrialization and the rapidly increasing quality of goods from Germany, the label quickly lost its deterrent effect.

The development into a seal of quality

With the economic miracle after the Second World War, "Made in Germany" finally became a symbol for high-quality products. The label has now developed into a globally recognized seal of quality and is valued by consumers all over the world. Goods made in Germany are often preferred because of their quality, precision and reliability.

Avenida Jewelry - Made in Germany

We also use the label "Made in Germany" as a guarantee of quality. Our jewelry is manufactured in Germany with the utmost care and in compliance with the highest social and ecological standards. We attach particular importance to the outstanding craftsmanship in our workshops in Germany.

We want to bring you joy and convey a positive attitude to life with our jewelry. The "Made in Germany" label is an indication of the high quality of our products and our promise to you that you can enjoy our jewelry for a lifetime.

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