The meaning of the hallmarks on our jewelry

Die Bedeutung der Punzen auf unserem Schmuck

Our jewelry is marked with various hallmarks:

Ag 925 or 925

Ag 925 stands internationally for sterling silver, whereby the abbreviation Ag comes from Argentum, the Latin term for silver, and the number 925 indicates the purity in parts per thousand. Sterling silver therefore consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals, usually copper. Alloying with copper is done to optimize the mechanical properties of silver when used as a jewelry metal, in particular to increase its hardness. There are also silver alloys with a lower purity, but we only process high-quality sterling silver.

Au 900 or 900

Au 900 is the name for 21.6 carat gold. The abbreviation Au stands for Aurum, the Latin name for gold, and the number 900 indicates the purity in parts per thousand. Au 900 is therefore 90 percent gold and 10 percent silver and copper. As with sterling silver, some silver and copper is added to our gold to increase its hardness. Although jewelry is usually made of lower gold alloys (750 or 585), we only use this extremely high-carat and valuable yellow gold.


Another hallmark consists of the letter abbreviation MiG which is framed by a pentagonal cartouche. The letters stand for Made in Germany and the five corners of the frame symbolize the five fingers of the hand and indicate the high degree of handwork.

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